Saturday, March 22, 2008

Photo Hunters: Metal Porch Bench

Springtime In Vermont

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  1. Looks like winter doesn't quite want to say goodbye to Vermont just yet so it'll be a while before you can comfortably sit on that metal porch bench! ;b

  2. Poor you, what a terrible winter it has been for you this year. Great photo for the theme. Happy Easter Andrée.

  3. Nice bench and WITH snow ! I am angry ! The whole winter it hasn't snowed AT ALL and today for Easter it snowed !!! Can you believe that ! I put a french CanCan film on my WriterCramps blog with me and the cats, and you can see the snow too !

  4. Brrrr! That looks like a nice place to sit when it is not so cold outside.

  5. That looks like "spring" here!
    My metal is here.

  6. That's a beautiful metal bench and perfect for the theme. I hope you will get a break in the weather soon and spring will come in earnest to Vermont.

  7. Andree',

    We lovez you snowy pic...but I would nots want to puts my furry butt on dat bench!

    Dr Tweety

  8. We still have the chill, but the snow is gone--though if we cross the passes this weekend we must be prepared for anything.

  9. One of these days I will own one of these.

  10. Beautiful metal bench, but sorry to see how cold and icy things are.


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