Thursday, March 27, 2008

Signs of Spring: The Raccoon

I have never seen a raccoon here on my land or woods. I have been told that if you have skunks, you won't have raccoons. I don't know if that is true or not, but we saw this raccoon in the bird tree last night. She has been raiding the bird feeders this week by ripping them off the tree and tossing the lids away. We thought ravens (who have also been hanging around) doing that. Amy took these photos while I shone a flashlight on the raccoon. (The flashlight died after five minutes. We're so prepared for a power outage.) The poor raccoon was too skinny. The deep snow is making food gathering difficult.

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  1. Raccoons are common city dwellers here in Jackson. We had a whole crew of them climb the mulberry tree outside our second-story bedroom window one year. They seem to lack any general fear, but like their work to be done in privacy, nonetheless. Except one lady I knew on my long-ago newspaper route... she had trained a couple local 'coons to knock on the window for treats. No... the truth was, they had trained HER.

  2. Now you are making me wonder if it was a raccoon raiding my pantry or my kittens. One thing I have noticed it that the paw prints are just too small a raccoon. Hmm... let me see who has the smallest prints in the house. Gosh! It must have been Janice as she is recovering from a fever.

    Now I know that roaches and biscuits are not a good combination for a kitten's diet.. Haha :P


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