Monday, April 14, 2008

Cats on Tuesday: Name That Kitty!

My daughter, Anna, got her new kitten last month at the shelter. But this little one doesn't even have a name yet! Anna will be reading all of your comments, so let's get her kitty a name! Doesn't she look sweet? Well, look again down below. You'll change your mind!

The little chihuahua is Daisy.

They look so happy together, right? Wrong!

Nameless is Daisy's pain in the ass!

She is Daisy's tormentor.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments and thank you for your help!

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  1. We say Dusty... Since you have a daisy, another flower would be a dusty miller.

  2. The first name which came in my mind was "Sparkle" and the more I look the more I think it would fit on her.The fight pictures are so cute ! Doggy suffers the same as Arthur with Rosie, lol !

  3. Such an adorable kitty can get into fights?? Hope the other readers can help you with a name, I am unexperienced in the feline world, lol. I posted my neighbors' cat today :)

  4. I had a sweet gentle name in mind first but now after seeing the rest of the pictures I say Xena, the warrior princess :D

  5. The new kitty is so cute. If you look at the last photo, the white markings on her little underbelly look look a white skeleton!!! I love it!

    I think her name could be Mischief.

  6. Funny, fiesty kitten! She looks floofy-soft. And you know how partial to gray I am! The first name I thought of was Daisy Dukes actually! I think her name could be Gracie, as in Gracie & George Allen.

    Does your daughter have a favorite book (or movie) with a favorite character or heroine?

  7. Hey Daisy Dukes is my Calico
    kitties name! My Daisy Dukes is feisty!
    How about Rascal, Rascala,
    Scrat, Tweety, Twinkie, Scooter,
    or Scamp. Good Luck!

  8. Oh that is a beautiful nameless .
    Love the fighting pictures of the two.
    My name idea is . Leni

  9. Your daughter's kitty looks so cute! She likes to fight with her friend! why not Lara?

  10. what about:
    petunia? (sounds prissy right?)

  11. Haha - my wfie is named Anna.

    How to find a name to a cat?
    Not easy, if you do not think like the ameri-indians how they named their kids.
    Our is named after
    1) Rosa - the clor of her nose tip
    2) Felicia (Felix) - perfect cat

    Great entry

  12. How cute! What a pretty kitten! How about "Rose" because she is the thorn in Daisy's side? Or "Ali" since she appears to be quite a good boxer!

  13. Well she is pretty and sassy and spunky... Jess maybe or Jessie and Daisy? Jada?

  14. She looks like a "Sophie" to me. A feisty Sophie with beautiful eyes.

  15. Hmmm, she looks a bit like a kitten "Gonzo" that we have featured a few times on CatSynth - she was also a "little terror" according to her humans.

    I'm thinking Rose or Rosa, like others have suggested - and it's a great "deceptive" name for her personality :)

  16. She's adorable with an attitude, pretty combination!
    My suggestion is Pandora (Goddess of Mischief!).

  17. Congratulations to your daughter! The new kitten is very cute. :) We are sure that she'll let everyone know what her name is. :)

  18. What a beautiful new baby! Love your blog and thanks for the welcomes!

  19. Sweet kitty. How about Periwinkle? Don't know where that came from but it's what I thought when I looked at her. That of Nefertitti. Bet your sorry you asked.

  20. How about Paws. She has four white paws. Or you could call her Boots for "Puss in Boots". She needs a kind of feisty name I think.


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