Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cats Tuesday: Bored Bad Boys Are Awake

After sleeping for three and a half months, the Bad Boys are waking up more often. Fighting more often. Getting tossed out in the snow more often. They are plump (not fat, please), sassy and ready to go hunting. They have even been heard running for a few moments a day. The problem is that there are still several feet (yes, feet) of snow on the ground. There is hope: it is supposed to be warm today so that some snow should melt. The signs of spring are stronger every day.

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  1. Oh my ! you are still sitting in the snow, how awful ! No wonder that your bad (??) boys are a little more than slim, lol ! Mousehunting will help ! Yes Arthur is very haevy and when he plays he has the elegance of an elephant ! With Rosie I was really lucky ! I never had such a sweet and cuddling cat ! She is a goodie goodie cat. Never scratches, never has broken something, never sleeps on my keyboard always between my belly and the keyboard. She goes to bed with me and gets up with me, she has never woken me up. I said to Mr. Gattino that Rosie is the ideal cat for an elderly couple ! (He didn't agree with "elderly", lol !)

  2. What? Spring not there yet? Gosh! Mother Nature please bring spring over to Andree's place faster as her cats would like to roll over in the grass now..haha.

    Hmmm..one thing I have to ask you. Why are your afraid that others said that your cats are fat? :P Anyway, they are very adorable, especially Charlie :)

  3. Yuck, snow in April! But hopefully it will melt and the weather will catch up to the boys' waking up from their long winters' nap. Wonder what the bears do with all this global warming?

  4. Spring will be there soon and they will be romping again!

  5. It has rained for a week and mine are in and out with muddy feet. They want to prowl and hunt but they can't stand the rain! They are just a bit plump too! Hopefully it won't be much longer and your bad boys can paint the town (backyard)!

  6. Yikes! That's a lot of snow you still have. We hope it all melts soon so that all you kitties can go hunting again!

  7. I love your plump big boys...they eyes have it :)

  8. Yeah, the northeast really got
    hit this year for snow, we also
    got near record snows here in the
    midwest. We all have spring fever here and I am sure Buddy & Charlie
    feel the same. Love your kitties
    big or small!

  9. Sounds like they're getting a bit of winter "cabin fever." I used to feel that way when I lived in the northeast, too.

  10. For some reason Smokey doesn't gain weight or lose it, but he does sleep (or at least lie there with closed eyes) an awful lot, which I think is just his way of passing the time. He is and always has been completely a gentleman, but lately he wants to be brushed to get his fur thinned out and is in ecstasy when I do it. He sleeps beneath the table on his towel on the carpet while I'm working, and when I fail to go to bed at a reasonable time, he comes out to remind me it's bedtime. But no plump, no fat.

  11. Hi Andree!
    So Buddy and Charlie are emerging from hibernation? A sure sign of spring, despite your remaining snow! Hope things warm up for you soon.

  12. It's a long winter for you this year it seems. When the snow drops a little, could you take some spring pics of trees? I've never been in Vermonth but I'm told the spring blossom there is gorgeous.

  13. Oh, that´s bad, snow in April. Spring is here since one week. Hope it stay!
    And we also hope that it comes to you soon.

    Sorry, I´m late with Cot, I was busy yesterday.


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