Monday, April 28, 2008

Heads or Tails: Memories of Bird Walks

This is a turkey vulture in flight over my head last week. Bird walks with Mr. T — in the past and hopefully long into the future — are some of my fondest memories. While he was not present when I captured this vulture (see close-up photos here of this stunning bird that only a mother could love), he is the inspiration for my bird photos and he has given me the gift of his love of birds and birding. Lately, we saw the first eastern bluebird reported in Barton Town this season. Special moments with a special person are memories to cherish.

Why is a turkey vulture called a turkey vulture? Not because they eat turkeys (they would if they came upon a dead one in the woods) and not because they are turkeys (because they are not), but because they have a body that looks like a turkey and they have the head of a vulture.

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  1. love the composition! such a perfect shot!

  2. My mom loved to bird watch and we always had guides to tell us what we were seeing. I miss seeing cardinals and blue jays, they do not live in Western Washington. We have gazillions of starlings, sea gulls and robins tho. :)

  3. Wow....this is so neat. What a wonderful association and what a treasure to remember the love of watching birds...this is a great H o T

    Like you captured a moment in time.

  4. Excellent capture on the shot, I try but never seem to get good flight shots...still say I need a better camera. I know any time I am out in nature and get to enjoy the splenders of nature's gifts it is memorable. Happy HorT, mine is up @ The Cafe if you care to pop by.

  5. My husband likes Turkey Vultures. I had never heard of them till he spied one and told me. We see lots of them around here in southern NH.

  6. Beautiful photograph … and wonderful reminder for me that I have a ‘wildlife sanctuary’ nearby to visit (albeit w/o Molly). Thanks for sharing. I used HoT (at Small Reflections) this week as a way to ‘revisit’ some of my earliest blog posts and remind myself just why I entered the Blogosphere in the first place.
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. I was here earlier then I realized I posted the wrong theme. I went back to edit my post.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely photo and wonderful memories of the person who inspired you in your bird photography.

  8. Your photos are always spectacular! Love seeing them!

  9. I didn't get a chance to play this week head or tails.

    I don't know if I every seen a turkey
    But my hubby told me that his grandpa use to take him fish and as scape fish would lay on the ground he would watch the vulture fight of them.

  10. Isn't nature amazing??

    You can find my memory here:

    Have a great day!

  11. Wow, great shots and memories! And now I know why they call them turkey vultures.


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