Saturday, April 26, 2008

Photo Hunters: Sign on the Hebard Building

The Hebard State Office Building in Newport is relatively new. It is on the waterfront of Lake Memphremagog and houses the Department of Motor Vehicles, a lawyer office, meeting space and the Community College of Vermont (where I teach). Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont, 2004 presidential candidate and now Chairman of the National Democratic Committee, dedicated this building in 1999. Below is a panorama photo of the building that I made this past week. The lake is on the right so that our classrooms all have views of the lake and the Canadian mountains. Please click on it to view it full size.

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  1. You also posted just a sign, I couldn't find any funny in english over here.

  2. So did you attend the dedication ceremony? :)

  3. That's a good-looking building, and I especially like the fishie weather vane on top!

  4. I like the idea of posting a sign which is unique because there isn't another one like it. I would have never thought about the fact that any building with a sign that has its name on it is unique to that building.

  5. I bet Howard wished he was back in private practice right now lol.

  6. Looks like a great place to work :-)

  7. It looks like it is a very nice view. Someday you'll have to do the view in back of building, for one of the hunts.


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