Friday, April 04, 2008

Photo Hunters: Through My Glass Lens

Birds at the feeders in today's snowstorm
(yes, another snowstorm and we got out of school early because of it):
above: Mourning Dove

Northern Junco

Hairy Woodpecker (male)

Black-capped Chickadee

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  1. Andrée, good take on the theme and reason to show us some great birds. Have a good weekend. Still got snow have you?

  2. Great take. What would we do without the lens of our camera :P
    Happy Weekend!
    My PH here & here

  3. Great Take on this week photo theme.

    Oh that "Black-capped Chickadee" looks cold.
    I like the angle you took the picture of Hairy woodpecker.

  4. "One little chickadee sitting on a tree..." Love your photos, Andree :)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Beautiful bird pictures ! but are you sure that you don't live in the North Pole ? with all your snow ! that's terrible that it is never ending !

  6. Ach, Andree - this was simply exquisite! I contemplated to do the same, but seeing your shots I realize that it was a wise decision not to shame myself.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Great pictures! You must have a great camera and steady hand indeed! ;b

  8. You always have such beautiful bird pictures!
    You got snowed on again?! We did too, but just a dusting this time and it's supposed to be almost 60 here later today.
    My glass photos are

  9. I love your bird shots. Great take on the theme. The snow must seem never ending.

  10. I like looking at pictures of birds. This time, the Hairy Woodpecker is my favorite.

  11. You have used the theme differently--good job! Stop by and see my glass, too.

  12. Lovely bird pics, and a great take on this week's theme. Hope you have a good weekend, despite the snowstorms.

  13. Love the pics! I want these birds to be warm. Where is spring! -:)

  14. Amazing post! Splendidly wild birds with marvellous colours!

  15. These are so good. I don't think I'd every figure out how to zoom in so close between trying to hold the camera, getting my glasses on, and finding all the right buttons with my fingers. I'm such a klutz.

    Thanks for visiting History Is Elementary.

  16. Beautiful shots of beautiful birds! Your shots were so clear that the birds' colors were so vibrant!

  17. K, so I'm glad I'm not the only one suffering through the cold snow. However, it is warm today so some melting is happening!

    These bird photos are outstanding!! The mourning dove looks as if it is saying the snow is a little too cold for its feet!

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your bird pictures. Our birds never stay still enough to catch a good photo.

  19. Such a creative take on the theme! and gorgeous pictures, lovely birds.
    Happy PH and happy weekend!

  20. Ooh they are beautiful Andree. You really captured the birds wonderfully

  21. Beautiful photos! :) Just fabulous! :) Creative take on the theme!

  22. I always love your pics. I haven't seen any doves up here where we are. I've been seeing some tiny chickadees and was curious about their breeding habits. Haven't had a chance to look it up yet and nap time for my little man just gets shorter every day! So who knows when I will get to it.

    Our woodpeckers are so elusive, but they have so much competition from the hordes who've stayed here this winter.

    I'm in the process of posting some pics just for you.

  23. Hi Andree. Amazing how extreme our weather is. It's terribly hot these past few days. The sun is scorching hot and I long to feel some cold breeze.

    Those are wonderful photos of birds. It must be rewarding to see so many different birds through your lens.

    I wasn't able to participate on PH because I was out last weekend but if you have time, I'd like to share our photos taken at Ocean Adventure.

    Take care.


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