Sunday, April 06, 2008

Views from Raven's Nest: One Single Impression: Stranded

Views from Raven's Nest: One Single Impression: Stranded: Raven has written the most beautiful poem for Autism Awareness Month. Stop by her blog to follow her links. From what I know about autism, what she writes is both sadly and wonderfully true.

stranded by autism's cruel grasp
locked inside himself
he circles, rocks or flaps his hands
his mother hugs him with her voice
because he cannot handle touch
or look her in the eyes
he does not speak a lot
but he can hear her love
can feel it with his heart
love is so much bigger
than the limitations we put on it
when we are ready to learn
he will teach us



  1. I have two more questions for you techie in nature.How did you get that text up above your comment box. Also how did you get the little pic by your website address in the browser search box?

  2. Oh wow, I really like this. A very real way of being stranded. Very poignant, cut right to my heart.


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