Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blog Your Blessings: Healing Thoughts

video from

visit Sandy's YouTube channel for more 
healing words, wisdom and videos
that are "based on prayers and scripture from various faith traditions."

I find that I am using Blog Your Blessings to highlight those things that comfort and heal me. The past six weeks have been a healing time of prayer and reflection. Music, reading, talking, and Sandy's words and videos have helped me realize I am not alone. 
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  1. Mahalo for sharing Sandy's beautiful video with us! A blessing indeed!

  2. I can' get U Tube to work on my computer but I bet it was beautiful since Sandy produced it. Glad it is a blessing for you!

  3. Sandy is such a talented, blessed person. I look forward to your series of BYBS.

  4. This is a very beautiful video !!
    BTW my cats forgave me meanwhile, lol it only lasted one day except Arthur, he had forgotten my absence in an hour !

  5. IS there a sound track with this--if so, I'm not getting it for some reason. I'll try it on another computer.

  6. OH! Much better with the sound. :-D


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