Sunday, May 25, 2008

Camera Critters: Missed Shots

Sitting in my waking-up-stupor the other morning, I saw a beaver swimming across the nearest pond. I was so slow getting the camera set up that I saw him do a surface dive into his lodge, shown here, just as I was all set up. He dove for the black spot under the grass, under the thatch behind a dry cattail underneath and to the right of the lodge in this photo. At least I have visual proof that the lodge is inhabited!

I also missed a humming bird and an eastern bluebird this week. Although I captured this white-tailed doe in the dawn's heavy mist, the photo is just awful! I post it anyhow.

I did not take this photo of a woodchuck. It was taken last summer by my grandson, Wingnut. This morning on the way home from church I drove by the same rock formation and the woodchuck was out. It was sunning with all four legs out on both sides, totally relaxed. Until I stopped the car. It ran so quickly that I never saw it leave. Here's to better shots this coming week!
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My other Camera Critters post is about swimming salamanders.


  1. Hey - you better be careful, because you are starting to sound like me when it comes to trying to get critter shots! Before you know it, you'll be accusing them of conspiring against you like I do hehehehe

  2. You have some really great shots and that's a very nice shot of a dam.

    You reminded me of one of my most mysterious critter shots. It's admittedly not a good photo but still, it's unreasonable that you cannot find even one of the seven elk that were in the frame - and fairly close - when I took it.

  3. lol I know the feeling! You could have just said the second one was mist or fog and left it at that! And honestly, although you may feel you missed the shot, I think the landscape is beautiful.

  4. I really enjoyed your post. I think most of us have more missed shots than we want to admit. I choose to believe they make us appreciate the good ones even more because we know how special they are.

  5. a great array sandy Kessler

  6. Love the woodchuck. Reminds me of the one from Timothy Turtle (must have been my favorite book as a kid)

  7. You did get some nice shots. I saw a lynx the other day, only because it moved it was so well camouflaged, of course my camera was in my purse.

  8. But it sounds like you had a good time in pursuit of the missed shots. What you offer here is PLENTY good for me!


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