Sunday, May 18, 2008

Camera Critters: A Turkey

As I was driving down to Glover on Saturday, this turkey was taking her sweet time getting across the road.  I don't see many turkeys up close so I don't know if she is healthy, molting, or doing just fine. She doesn't look robust to me, though. 

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My other Camera Critters post is a white-tailed deer.

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  1. Love all the pictures of your cats in the side bar. Cute names too. I have never seen a wild turkey!

  2. I saw one in the road the other day too. I think they are being smart and "hiding" from the hunters. It is after all turkey season right now.

    Lets think about this for a second... Where do the hunters go? Deep into the woods, right? So where are the turkeys going? Yup! Right out on the roads and near homes where it's unsafe and in some cases illegal to shot a firearm.

    This is all my opinion, but if I were a turkey I'd try my luck with it.

  3. I hope this lady is OK. She seems to be running late....

    I saw four turkey vultures the other day and thought of your excellent photo. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  4. And there he goes - in the wild wonderful

  5. Oh poor thing ! I hope he writes his testament before end October !!

  6. That is a fine looking healthy female turkey.

    Come visit,

  7. Other than the ruffled feathers (or parasites?), she look pretty good.

  8. We have quite a few turkeys around here, but do you think I could get a decent photo of one of them? Of course not - they ARE a bird - therefore, they are part of the conspiracy against me ;-)

  9. I have never seen a wild turkey before. I wonder if they taste like the store bought ones. This one looks skinnier

  10. They're are a lot of wild turkeys around where I live, but I haven't really seen them...but supposedly they're even in the downtown area which is pretty busy. No one's allowed to hunt them so I guess that doesn't help with the population. lol

  11. The turkey looks healthy to me. Great photo.

  12. lovely turkey picture! the only time i saw thse birds were in the zoo. wish they also ran around our backyard. :)

  13. It looks like a normal hen turkey. They are nesting at this time of year and usually don't travel too far from their nest. They are frequently seen in feeding in meadows at this time of year.

    I liked your deer photograph too!
    As usual you have posted a lot of good material since my last visit and I enjoy looking at it!

  14. I haven't encountered a wild turkey in our area before. Great find.

  15. I have never seen a turkey out in the wild before. Very cool!


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