Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cats Tuesday: Buddy's Bath

You need a bath after rolling in the dirt on a beautiful sunny day! Buddy still has all of his winter fat. I hope he isn't embarrassed by this post (he's sleeping in my arms now as I type!). I'm late this week because the three day holiday we just had has confused me no end!
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  1. It's okay! We're all confused by the long weekend. A sweet photo of a kitty bath!

  2. My D man could stand to lose some weight too. And some fur. Mine are shedding and I can't brush it off them quick enough.

    I love your pose!

  3. If he is as heavy as Arthur, then don't wonder if your arms hurt, lol !
    I prefer round cats to skinny once !

  4. Looks like your Buddy and my Bailey would match in size!

  5. Rolling in the dirt? We can imagine that you would need a bath after that! Cute tongue, Buddy. :)

  6. That's a fluffy tummy Buddy! We hope it doesn't take you too long to take your bath!

  7. We hate baths! But you do look nice and clean :-)

    PS third time we're doing this as the #$#@# verification thing is all smudged. Can't you switch this bit off???

  8. He looks like Buddha, very fat and content!

    Hooray for your good news about Wingnut! I can't wait to read about what you two get up to.

    I have been a bad cat blogger lately so it was nice to get back to it this week and to bump into you. Enjoy your nicer weather!


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