Monday, May 12, 2008

Cats Tuesday: An Engineer's Guide to Cats

To help me feel better, my daughter Anna sent me a link to this video. I have to share it with all of you out of thanks and love. I have to go compute my cats' aspect ratios now . . .

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Happy COT!

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  1. Cats: marvels of engineering - and masters of manipulation! Happy COT.

  2. Cats are magnificent creatures!
    Thanks for hosting COT! Purrs

  3. OMG that is sooo funny. I love him dancing with that cat. What a cool video! I will have to save that one. Thanks for hosting this week!

  4. I'm impressed! Do I have to do that too? Haha.

    You know.. Gattina left the wrong date there and I was confused. Did she realized June 13th is a Friday too?? haha :P

  5. I wanted to share some pictures of our new kitten Vincent.

  6. I enjoyed that video, thank you for sharing.
    and thank you for hosting COT
    Happy Tuesday!

  7. Several cats in the Cat Blogosphere have featured that video recently. It is quite funny!

  8. Hehe...funny video. I like the cat punishment part.

  9. haha, great video! I sent it to some other cat lovers. :)
    I made a slideshow of Freyja & Maia playing.

  10. Where's my protractor? Hey, we are also Marathon Loungers!

  11. Yes, I saw this video a couple of weeks ago - very amusing. I wonder if I qualify as one of those "guys with a cat."

  12. That was extremely enjoyable to watch. I have to show this to my husband. You guys have similar sense of humors.

    I loved the dancing!!

  13. What a cool video!thank you for sharing and thanks for hosting this week!

    I wanted to share some pictures of our new pet ...



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