Monday, May 19, 2008

Cats Tuesday: Mouse

I was outside on a nice day last week with Mouse and my new camera. I took over 100 photos of her! I managed to pare them down to these four!

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  1. Now that's a furry little fuzzy! What a beautiful coat. And she walks like a model too. Happy COT.

    Are you still teaching maths?

  2. Love the name. My Sis had one named Minnie Mouse.

    I edit the Odd Shots blogroll and add new ones and remove those who haven't posted an Odd Shot for a few weeks. When you mentioned it I was a fraid I had missed you, but I don't see one scrolling back a ways. I can add you in again when you do.

  3. What beautiful photos! Mouses
    fur is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Great pics! Mouse is a very beautiful cat!
    I've posted pics of the playing tent today.

  5. Mom just got home from her Sister Weekend and has already managed to take lots of photos, too. She also can't choose! Mousie is just gorgeous! We can see why it must've been difficult for you!

  6. Mouse, you have gorgeous long fur! Wow! Those photos of you are terrific! :) It looks like you are enjoying the great outdoors!

  7. I think that is the most luxurious coat I have ever seen!

  8. Oh, Mouse looks gorgeous ! A little like Luna outside.
    Beautiful photos!

  9. What a beautiful, proud walk Mouse has! I love the first picture especially

  10. Is beautiful, fluffy Mouse a good mouser too?

  11. What a cute name for a cat. She's beautiful. I've never seen a cat like that up close before. She must really be soft to touch.

  12. I like them all but the second one, straight on, is may favorite. I love cats, how nice. :-D

  13. Having a daughter with a very good camera and fotography in her genes whe have thousands of pictures from our cats! I also love the name Mouse. It suits her very well.We also like to give our cats special names. We had a Caramel, a Pickels, a Sascha Chocomousse, a BlumaBlue and so on. Is Mouse a Main Coon??
    You see, I have a small Maine Coon cattery (with newborn kittens) and she looks like a coon.
    Kind regards from Belgium


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