Monday, May 12, 2008

Heads or Tails: Any Tom, Dick or Harry Kingbird

I photographed this Eastern Kingbird while it was hunting insects in the beaver bog. Not a great photo, but proof that he was there! You can see more (and similar) photos of him here.

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  1. He's a magnificent looking bird! If he was in the beaver bog hunting insects, what were you doing in the beaver bog? :)

  2. What a beautiful bird! Nice picture!

  3. Gorgeous.....I think I know! I know...I know the answer to our Skittles question! :::waving my hand:::

    You were bird hunting in the beaver bog! Right?

  4. I love your bird pictures. Even when you say they aren't that great, I always think they are awesome.

  5. Harry Kingbird, eh? Love the photo. Wish I had your gift.

  6. Nice job with the theme. Very cool!

  7. I didn't know that KingFisher had first names.
    Been enjoying your nature shots.


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