Saturday, May 10, 2008

Photo Hunters: Another Unidentified Plant

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Seen growing near river in open sun and sand. Do you know what this is?

This is the fertile stem of Field Horsetail (Equisetum arvense). It is a problem in pastures and can cause illness in lifestock. I would like to thank Wildlife Gardener for help with the identification.



  1. With colors and patterning like that, they look like they should be called tiger something!

  2. They look like colt's foot..or mare's tails. I'm I am correct they have grown from prehistoric times in the days of the dinosaurs :)

  3. Almost looks like snakes, doesn't it?

  4. That's a fascinating looking plant to me but I don't have a clue what it is. Happy weekend.

  5. I LOVE Horsetail - I think it is awesome looking. I picked some once and brought it home and stuck it in one of my plants just for decoration (plus it was from a walk with my dad, so it was sentimental too). Hubs went to throw it away one day and I about took his head off *grin* He said, "But it's dead!" I said "So, what's your point? It's still awesome! Don't touch it!" hehehehe

  6. It looks like a plant that should be in a pond or something.

    My photo up and I just tried something a little different this time.

  7. That is definitely one strange looking plant! I've never seen one before. Happy photo hunting!

  8. I was about to say when you find out let me know, ut I see that it has been identified. I took pictures of this same plant on Friday along a road leading to Mt. St. Helens. We did not make it to a view of the volcano beacuse of snow at 2500 feet--enough to say "We are NOT putting on chains in May." and we also did not want to get stuck on a narrow wilderness road.


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