Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Beaver Again

Do you see the head of the beaver in the pond above? He's the small brown lump between the two drowned (short) trees that look like sticks sticking out of the water. He's there with a stick to add to his lodge. Between 7 PM and 8 PM he showed up again last night. While Wingnut watched with binoculars I took these photographs. Wingnut had the same reaction as I have when I see the beaver climb up the lodge to make repairs — we jumped backwards in surprise because he is so large. He also moves very quickly so many of these photos are not framed or focused as they should be. Hopefully he will return tonight, it will not rain, and we can get some better shots. But I'm glad Wingnut saw something that very few people see.

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  1. How neat to get to see a beaver building his dam!

  2. These are exciting, Andree! How I love these guys. A neighbor remarked to me the other day they make a terrible mess. I had to laugh. "I bet they say the same about us," I said. Hmm...

    Good luck spotting these furry geniuses later.

  3. The pictures are fascinating! I love beavers, and my son Jeff always did as a boy. In fact, his nickname was "The Beav" (and this was well after the days of "Leave it to Beaver"). ;-) Well done, and I wish you the best in getting more tonight.


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