Saturday, June 07, 2008

Camera Critters: Satin Moth

from Insects: Satin Moths:
The Eurasian native Satin Moth, Leucoma salicis, was introduced to North America accidentally in the early 1920s. The original populations in New England and British Columbia gradually spread inland, but predation and parasites seem to be keeping this insect pest largely under control. Satin Moths feed on poplar, aspen, cottonwood, and willow.

The Satin Moth has a unique life cycle with one generation each year. Adult moths mate and lay eggs in the summer months, and caterpillars hatch from those eggs in the late summer and early fall. The tiny caterpillars feed for a short time before they hide in a bark crevice and spin a web for hibernation. The Satin Moth then overwinters in the caterpillar form, an unusual way to survive the cold. In spring, they re-emerge and feed again, this time reaching their full size of nearly 2 inches before pupating in June.
This individual was on my porch screen on Friday night.
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  1. nice post with great info...

    My CC in here Thanks

  2. I read "Saint Moth" and wondered what that was, lol !
    Don't like these creatures, but you picture is wonderful ! well done !

  3. every week I can't wait to see what you have and read during the week as well. May I link ??Sandy

  4. It is hard to believe such beautiful creatures can cause so much damage to crops.

  5. Gorgeous photos! I love the detail of this, my friend!

  6. Good catch! Interesting story accompanying it.

  7. Oh my, that moth is amazing! Looks like he is wearing a fur collar!

  8. This is beautiful.The prettiest moth i have ever seen.

  9. You are a great photographer (in case I have failed to mention it before). That moth is so unique. Very beautiful. What marvels hide in nature.

  10. Oh my goodness i don't think that i have ever seen one of these before. Its beautiful


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