Monday, June 02, 2008

Cats Tuesday: Her Name Is Sweet Pea

Back on April 14, I asked for help in naming Anna's new kitten. She got so many wonderful suggestions. And guess what? She chose none of them! I am so sorry and thank you for your help. She seriously considered all of them, though. Two weeks ago I got these new photos of the kitten — and her name? Sweet Pea!

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  1. Sweet Pea is so cute! I think that's a great name. For short, I would call her Swee'pea.

  2. What eyes and paws and fur! Lovely little cat. A little gem.

  3. That's a purrfect name for her! She's adorable! I love kittens.

    I don't know about the mosquitoes. It wasn't in anything I read. But neither was there anything about mosquitoes liking certain blood types and I'm sure I've seen something about that recently in the news.

  4. She certainly fits her name! Very cute pictures, too! I miss playing Cats on Tuesday a lot but my schedule is so crazy the first few days of the week and downloads are so slow on dial-up that I have had to forgo it. Even with Socks to keep up the comedy! ;-)

  5. Oh so cute, and yes, sweet cat! My Cats on Tuesday is now posted, too:

    Familia Khuletz

  6. That's the perfect name for this sweet little thing ! Adorable pictures !!

    I am sorry I scheduled the COT post with the wrong date and only realized it now !

  7. **fainted** She has the same name as my best friend in Australia. haha. Anyway, her eyes got me hypnotized. She's so cute!! Just look at the facial marking. It's so balance and the iris are so big! Can I borrow for a day?? hehehe :P

    Psss... want some relaxations? Visit my COT this week :)

  8. Awwwwwwww, such adorable photos and Sweet Pea is a great name! That's what I call my grandson (as well as Little T) although I'm thinking I'll have to come up with more boyish sounding nicks as he gets older.

  9. She is very cute and quite photogenic.

  10. We have a cousin kittie named Sweet Pea, but we have never seen her in person. Such a beautiful name and her name is just right for her!

  11. Sweet Pea is a great name for such a sweet kitty! Thanks for coming back by to visit my blog!

  12. Sweet pea is soooo cute! What a sweet name for a cat!
    The photos are wonderful.

  13. What a very cute kitty! So sweet, great name, love the way she seems to be hanging upside down.

  14. Sweet pea! What a beautiful name for a marvelous kitty! I capture her very well! Happy COT!

  15. I love that name! Can't remember if I had an idea or not, but Sweet Pea fits her perfectly because she looks so sweet and pretty. Lucky kitty!

  16. Wow, Sweat Pea is amazingly cute :)
    And such great photographs.

  17. Andree!!! We lefts a commint on both of deze posts... but id did not stay!!!
    I waz plum amazed dat dat new cute kitty Sweet Pea, looks likes Delilah!!! Dey couldz be twinzez of when Delilah waz itty bitty.
    She iz beeootyfull & we waz furry impressed wit da pix.
    Az alwayz, you haz da bestee pix.
    Peace dear frend,
    Dr Tweety
    PS!!!! We has to go see abouts da orangey tom cat dats you gotted... dis iz egg-citin' newz!!!


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