Monday, June 23, 2008

Cats Tuesday: Wingnut and George

It's been raining for days. Storms keep rolling in. Today, George the Cat and Grandson Wingnut decided to just watch TV while we waited for the library to open.

In the east: mist rises from the forest as a rainbow appears for a brief moment.

In the west: another storm is quickly moving in.

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  1. Wow, the storm cloud shots are magnificent, and what an adorable picture of George with Wingnut! George has such a loving personality, it seems to me, for a cat. (Unusual for mine, anyway.) ;-)

  2. Wish I were there - it looks so beautiful. And George and Wingnut look so relaxed!

  3. They both look pretty relaxed to me.
    Wish my cat were as sociable. I love him any way but he is a bit aloof -- unless he wants his tummy rubbed or to be brushed. He makes the rules.

  4. Just a couple of men, hangin' out together!

  5. Your photos are great but I love the one with George and Wingnut hanging out. How sweet that Wingnut is so comfortable and stretched out like that!

  6. Hmmm.. now what's going on with the weather everywhere? I'm also having bad weather over here. The compliment is that all the kitties would stay indoor and sleep all over me.. haha :P

  7. Very sweet, and comfy and relaxed. It's funny the similarities between man and cat :)

    Those rainclouds are quite nice, too - better than the mixture of fog and smoke we have in the sky.

  8. What a sweet photo of George and
    Wingnut! I see you have a count
    down to school counter, I might
    have to get that for my blog!!!
    He he, I am right there with that!
    I have clouds on my blog too! The
    weather has been great for photography but not for flooding. :(

  9. Beautiful photos! Cute kid and is good, eh?

  10. I love the casual shot of George and Wingut. It says it all.


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