Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ciao, Gaia

An Inconvenient Truth will be an opera? Yes, it will open at La Scala in 2011. Read Giorgio Battistelli's response to Al Gore's request for changes in Battistelli's libretto in the revealing article The Aria of Prince Algorino by John Tierney. . . . 
. . . You ask for a detailed revelation of how Petroleo prevents Prince Algorino from becoming king. I understand your interest and desire to introduce another villain. (Incidentally, the translation of “Bush” would be “Arbusto,” not “Shrubulo.”) . . . 

Do you have a plot or perhaps an aria to send to Battistelli? Read An Inconvenient Opera: Your Version for submission details. You could win immortality.



  1. Your post is funny. I'll have to check this out! (How to deal with that trouble-making relative of Arbusto, Sir Go Offshorio...)

  2. lol What an idea!


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