Monday, June 23, 2008

Heads or Tails: Line in Lupine

These are macros of lupine Wingnut and I found in Glover while signing up for swimming lessons (to see his photos of the lupine, click here). Above you see the radial symmetry of lupine as you look straight down from the top of the plant.

Mathematically, a line is defined by at least two points in the same plane and is not curved. But we often speak of the line of a figure and that line can be curved as in these last three photos of lupine blossoms.

genus Lupinus

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  1. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

    My line[s] are up.

  2. Just gorgeous photographs.

    My HoT is up at my place:

  3. wow. beautiful.

    mine is up! hope you can drop by. thanks.

  4. These photos made my breath catch in my throat.. too beautiful for words.

  5. Love the photos!
    MANATEE OF VANITY, at Nickers and Ink


    PS: Don't forget to play at SIMPLY SNICKERS this week . . . posting new poetry prompts every Sunday.

  6. Lovely interpretation of this week’s HoTs theme!!! I participated at Small Reflections with an ‘off-beat’ take of my own.
    Hugs and blessings,


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