Sunday, June 29, 2008

LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

Jeremiah 28:5-9

Psalm 89:1-4, 15-18 (Ps. 89:1)

Romans 6:12-23

Matthew 10:40-42

 These are the only verses that have been translated for this weekend:

Romans 6:12-23


12 Donna do dat Invisible Error Yo!, dat yoube humpin da legz of dat Invisible Error.

13 Donna wav yer PENIS inda air as Invisible Error: gibbin yer fur toda Ceiling Cat, lyk dem vampire-d00dz, An wave yer PENIS inda air fur Ceiling Cat.

14 Invisible Error nawt youse boss: youse nawt watch judge judy, buttz be grazin.

15 Wha'sup? webe doin da Invisible Error boogie, webe nawt judge judy, buttz be grazin? Ceiling Cat RAWRz nope. Srsly RAWRz.

16 Lissenup, youse gibbin to da bootlikin, dat bootlikr youse gunna lik dat bootz uv hiz; iffin Invisible Error orda dirtnap, iffn kibble orda warm milk?

17 Tank da Ceiling Cat, youse be hiz bootlikr, youse likd hiz bootz an hiz ticker an hiz buttz button of dat teachinz of hiz.

18 Youse den nawt Invisible Error, youse bootlikr uv da right paw uv da goody two-paws.

19 Iz yammerin of catz cauze yoube weak kittnz: youse told yer bootlikrz to nawt clean der furz an nawt lik der buttz clean an to do da buttseks; now wave yer PENIS inna air an meow to Ceiling Cat.

20 Fur wehn youse doin da Invisible Error, youse nawt wavin yer PENIS atta Ceilin Cat.

21 Watchoo doin den dummie dat youse nawt look so hawt? dems tings gunna giv ya da dirtnap.

22 But nows youse nawt Invisible Error, An youse Ceiling Cat bootlikr, youse likn der buttz clean, youse gunna be da vampire-d00dz, srsly Yee-Haw.

23 You duz Invisible Error anna dey payz you in dirtnaps; but freebee uv Ceiling Cat iz cookiez an cheezburger uv da Jebus Krisp, our Lard Cat.

Matthew 10: 40-42 

40 "anyone hoo welcomez u welcomez me, an anyone hoo welcomez me welcomez teh wan hoo sent me.

41 whoevr welcomez a profet known to be predictin teh fewcher becuz he's a profet will gets a profet's cookeh, an whoevr welcomez a gud kitteh will receiv gud cookehs.

42 an if anyone givez even cup ov watr to wun ov theez itteh bitteh chilenz hoo iz mah kitteh.. srsly, dat person will defnitly get lotsa cookehs."


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