Sunday, June 01, 2008

Odd Shots: Frostbite Damage

This is an ear of the new cat that walked into my life two weeks ago. He is two to three years old. He's no longer a tom cat, though. Amy got him fixed. We found that he has suffered frostbite on both of his ears — probably this past winter. Not severe enough so that he lost his ears. But I know for a fact that for the rest of his life, winter weather will hurt his ears. 

By the way, we have decided that we can't call this boy Ozzie. 

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  1. You're good to give this fellow a home. He is beautiful and blessed to be in your company.

    When you and Amy come to Ocean Beach Park, bring him along. He can stretch out and watch the ferries pass by and warm his ears up good!

  2. Hi, my mom bean and I appologize for not being around to visit much lately. Things are getting better for her and I'm just bored for lack of sunshine and warm breezes.

    Manny looks happy to have someone care for him. I'm sorry about his poor ears.


  3. Poor baby ! how lucky he is to have found a new home ! Ginger cats are very friendly usually ! Congratulations to your new family member !

  4. Manny is very handsome! I am glad he has found a loving home with you so he does not have to worry about his ears any more.

  5. Now that he has a good home, at least he won't have to worry about getting any more frostbite. I trust that he'd appreciative. :-)

  6. Hey, Ozzie! You found a good home!

  7. So why not Ozzie and what is he now called?

  8. Oh, poor ears! He's a handsome fellow though. What have you called him? I grew up (many years ago!) with stories of "Orlando the Marmalade Cat", and I always wanted a marmalade cat called Orlando!

  9. I know he is so grateful to have a new home. That frostbite looks scary!

  10. Poor kitty.

    Nice looking cat. I've seen cats, horses and dogs with almost no ears at all out in Idaho.

    Sadly, we had a cat freeze to death. It would not come in and we couldn't get it in and it went to 40 below.

    :-( :-(


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