Saturday, June 07, 2008

One Single Impression: Pets

Ginger tabby drops in
from the woods and stays —
uneasy truces

What's this guy's name? We still don't know!
I say Ozzie, Amy says Louie.
One thing we know: after living in the
woods for who knows how long,
he will no longer go outside voluntarily.

UPDATE (6/9/08): I have decided to keep the word "truces" because this cat has to negotiate a seperate truce with each cat in the house. That is quiet a complicated task because of the power that the matriarch, Mouse, holds, and the aggression of the males. The "minor" cats (I call them minor because of their lack of power in the cat hierarchy — not because of their esteem in my heart) are no problem. They accept every cat that moves in. Also, I enjoy the sound of the word "truces."

And thank you to Zazzy for the suggestion of naming this guy George. Amy and I finally agreed that George is his name!

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  1. He looks like a love. I say call him Ozzie-Louie or Woodruff to honor his past. Wonderful photo and poem.

  2. Uneasy truces! Yes, we've seen plenty of those! He's looking very comfortable! Don't expect him to be departing soon!

  3. A not dis-similar take to the theme than mine.

    I wonder if "truces" would be best in the singular.

    love from mandy

  4. He looks a lot like my old George. Are you sure he's not a George?

  5. A 'Trigonometric Delight'!..Thank U..

  6. Very lovely - think I agree with mandy about truces though.

  7. This cat has made a wise choice of homes. I wonder if he sees you as a very pleasant part of the wild rather than in distinction from it?

    Thanks for this start to my Sunday!
    Writing in Faith: Poems

  8. Andre, I love your haiku and photos of kitties. You are a true cat lover. Your post brings memories of speical kitties we have had over the year. I miss them. We live in a place where pets are not allowed. When I'm needing kitty love, I visit Fuzzie and Crrokshank who live with my daughter's family.

  9. Cute photo and love the idea of the uneasy truce. Well said.

  10. He appears to feel at home in your house!

  11. A good poem and I think he knows he is now in kitty heaven. Why would he even want to leave?

  12. Oh, yes, why would he want to go outside, such happiness! (BTW, another vote to "truce.")

  13. Love this poem and the cat made a good choice.

  14. What a wonderful story and haiku. He sounds like a smart sweet cat. Love that ginger color.

  15. This is so heart warming and funny. What a super pic. I love happy endings.

  16. "George" is simply a marvelous name! It reminds me of a cartoon I saw when I was VERY, VERY YOUNG!
    A boy grabs a kitty, and starts patting in on the head over and over saying, "I love you George", I will love you and cuddle you and call you my very own, for ever and ever and ever"!

    Wonderful hiaku!

  17. "George" is spot-on. The photo and the poem are both delightful. I love the thought of the truces.

  18. I'm glad George is finding his place in the cathold. :)


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