Friday, June 20, 2008

Photo Hunters: From Water to Land — Damselflies

The larva of damselflies live in water. This particular one is the larva of Calopterygidae — the larva of a broad-winged damselfly.

And here is a damselfly. Not the same species, but you get the idea of the drastic changes that happen. This is a taiga bluet damselfly. The photos will open full-size in a new window when clicked.

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  1. Wonderful. I love damselflies! Have a great weekend Andree

  2. Photo Hunter sure does come up with neat prompts, and you always rise to the occasion and go an extra mile. I love what you've got here.

    God bless.

  3. Great shots and an interesting take on the theme.

  4. That sure looks suspiciously like a mosquito! (as I say while scratching frantically!) lol

  5. I protest ! Instead of showing me beautiful waters you show me ugly (but very nice pictures) insects, lol !!

  6. Wow these are amazing! The 2nd one is terrific. Creative take on our water them.

    I like the variety this week's theme is bringing out.

  7. Those are amazing close up shots of damselflies. I could see red marks on the hand, probably due to the sting.

  8. It looks like it has a sharp pointy nose for stinging! I like the turquoise colors on the second photo.

  9. I love your picture of nature.
    I haven't yet seen any damselfly but I haven't been around water much yet.

    Happy Hunting.

  10. I'm really glad I found yu on Twitter. Wonderful pictures. We actually live in Brattleboro, even though we teach over the river in Hinsdale NH.

  11. As always very interesting and very beautiful. Have a great weekend. I noticed that it is still pretty cool in your neck of the woods.

  12. I love damselflies, they are so delicate and pretty! Limnology is a gas. I've loved it since I was a small child. Used to lay on my belly for hours watching the little critters in the water.

  13. Terrific shots of the dragonfly! I try to get shots like these, but when it comes to insects I can never good one. Your entries are fantastic!

  14. Hi Andree, long time indeed. On top of it, I haven't had enough time to visit this weekend, and then the URL you left in our place appeared to be somehow wrong.

    Anyway, I have linked up to save the trouble next time ;-)

    Oh yes, and as usual, your lesson on damselflies is superb.

    Have a best week and many more great shots!


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