Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wingnut Is Back!

Remember when I said goodbye to Wingnut on August 5, 2007? It was such a sad day. But Grandson Wingnut has finally came back! He'll be here until August. We have so much to do that I hope we get to do it all. This is the camera that his mom got him for Christmas. He took the photo in the dirty side view mirror of my car on Thursday on our way to my nephew's house. Wingnut had to stay there for the evening because I teach at the college this summer and Amy was working that night. Amy, Wingnut and the cousins all went out for sundaes in Lyndonville Thursday night after work.

On the left is me on the left and third daughter Danielle, Wingnut's mom, on the right. We were bent over holding Sophie the Crazed Beagle because she wanted to jump. Wingnut got the photo then. I hate the photo — I've been sick (I finally succumbed to the grief and bewilderment of my mother dying this spring) and look bad. Danielle is going to Washington soon to visit Andrew.

So why is Wingnut Wingnut's name? He loves the game Wingnut on my Macs about flying aces. He needed a name for the internets, so that is what he chose. I am nearly healthy again. We missed the Lupine Festival in New Hampshire, the fiddle contest in Lyndonville and the library hours. But we're taking photos and reading a lot of books. Wingnut already has two posts to blog.

So what's up this summer? Andrew, Dan and Matt are coming the weekend of and the week after the Fourth of July. Hopefully Anna and Aaron can come, too. There is a lot of studying to do, reading, library programs (the theme this year is bugs!), Circus Smirkus, trips to New Hampshire and New York, swimming lessons, movies at the library, church, berry picking, chores, games, computer stuff to learn, photography, bike rides, hikes, and working in the school garden. I think that's enough, right? I had better get 100% recovered real soon!



  1. Yeah! Wingnut returns. I look forward to the adventures that you guys will have this summer.

  2. I like the occasional math, and all the fractal flames, and the Vermont photography is gorgeous (and getting gorgeouser(??) day by day), and the recipes, and the cats, of course, and Sophie, too, but your summer adventures with Wingnut are the best.


  3. I am glad Wingnut is back, too. I think I recall one really fun summer photo of him enjoying a big ice-cream cone!

  4. I love his self-portrait!!

    have a grand summer together :)

  5. Grandchildren are the best! I'm so glad that Wingnut is back with you for summer-time fun. I like his self-portrait!

  6. It sounds like you are super duper busy. That is funny how Wingnut got his name!

  7. Wow, you're in for a busy time, Andree! So happy that Wingnut has returned...he has the most beautiful smile.

    I am so sorry about your deepest sympathy...and you must grieve, dear Andree, it does help to, even though the pain is so bad.

    Take care and a big hug for you.

  8. Wow, you must have an endless supply of energy! It sounds like you and Wingnut are going to be very busy, so I hope you feel healthier soon.

  9. YAY for Wingnut's return, how fun. I bet you'll have good times and teach him a lot.

    My Mom died January 2007 and I still haven't recovered. I wish you love and good memories and peace and lots of tears to relieve some of the grief.


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