Monday, June 23, 2008

Wingnut's Energy Beads

These are "energy beads." They are one of the many rainy day activities I have collected over the years. These beads change color when exposed to ultraviolet light. After Wingnut made his energy bead bracelet, he did a couple of other simple activities with them in order to learn about ultraviolet light. Even though it's been raining ever since Wingnut arrived on Thursday, we had a moment of sun before another storm came through so that Wingnut could complete this project. The words that follow are his.

"There are different kinds of light but not all light is visible to the naked eye. The different types such as sunlight can be seen but ultraviolet can not be seen. Also ultraviolet is used to kill bacteria. The beads turn white again when they are not in the sun. I put the beads outside when it was cloudy and they turned color. Just because it is cloudy doesn't mean you can't get sunburn. I put the beads underneath my sunglasses and they stayed white. My sunglasses are UV safe."

I don't know what these beads are made out of, which is bothersome because the dogs and cats tend to eat anything lying around. I like the idea that Wingnut made this bracelet and that he learned about UV light. The activities with this kit were very good, but I found it difficult for Wingnut to follow through with all of them and he was easily distracted. This could be because his interest level in the project was low.

We will have other projects to demonstrate later. Hopefully it will stop raining soon!

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