Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Book Review: John Lennon & The Mercy St. Cafe

I first "met" William Hammett through One Single Impression because besides writing novels, he writes poetry. Billy has four sites: Zen Sociology, Chapter and Verse, William Hammet and The Ghostwriting Weblog. He is an great writer and a very considerate blogger.

I imagine that any writer would not like being compared to another, but I can't help comparing this book to a Stephen King novel. This is King without the gore and horror. This is looking at other dimensions and being fascinated, not terrified.

Amy is walking in New York City one day when she happens across John Lennon singing in a cafe. After he has died. She, Lennon and David journey through time and space for reasons made clear and not made clear by the end. Amy and her companions may be fearful of their journey but they lead us forward with courage and a great sense of adventure and a feeling that there are reasons this is happening to them. The reader is taken on a lovely journey through the history of the Beatles and of the groups that begot the Beatles.

I was unable to put the book down once I started it. The writing is engaging, the concept is memorable. It is funny; it is sad. It is thought provoking. I became very involved with the characters. I think all lovers of fiction (and the Beatles) should grab this book today by clicking on Billy's site and ordering the book.

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  1. Hi Andree-
    I took your advice and ordered Billy's novel. Thank yo for the review.

  2. Thank you, Skip! I know Billy will be pleased (I sure am!). I think you'll enjoy this great summer read.


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