Monday, July 07, 2008

Book Review: The World Is Your Litter Box by Quasi & Steve Fisher

Click the image of the book cover on the left and buy this book — it's great! Steve Fisher helped his cat Quasi write this how-to book for our cats. Buy more than one, too, because it will make a great gift for just about anyone in your life. Or in your cat's life.

Quasi has provided us with all types of vital charts and information such as the Food Reference Chart (page 15). He has listed the different types of mooshy cat food available and translated the names. Ocean whitefish treat is "scales, gills, and plankton." Oh, I'm glad I'm not a cat! This slim volume is indexed and has a quiz at the end (did you read attentively? are your test taking skills up to snuff?). Quasi has had some wild (and scary) incidents in his life. The roof incident (page 19-21) was a hilarious but nail-biting adventure. Quasi also answers human questions about cats that explained a lot to me about my cats. I've lived with cats since before I was born, but I didn't know a lot of this stuff.

However, I have reservations about Steve's list of unacceptable cat behavior. He is one fussy human! Steve doesn't want cats on his computer, kitchen counters, stove or table. No cats in the cabinets or drawers, and no claw sharpening on furniture (why have upholstered furniture and then worry about it, Steve?). And no screen climbing? My new cat, George, hasn't learned to holler at the door while he sits and waits for me to let him in. He either climbs up the screens to get my attention or hangs off the outside sill of the window. Perhaps George should read this book. He lived in the woods before he moved in, so he never learned commonly accepted housecat behaviors.

There are some chapters missing that require Quasi to write a sequel. Some mention is made in the chapters "Acceptable (and Unacceptable) Co-Pets" and "Advice to Kittens" about households with more than one cat. However, nothing is mentioned of multi-cat households of more than two cats (like maybe 8 cats). Also, this is definitely not a book of advice for Northern cats or outdoor cats. Their lives are much more complex, their diet is more varied and the dangers they face are more numerous and deadly. Also, what about cat social hierarchies? Or those bossy and tyrannical matriarchal cats? Who will explain the behavior of orphaned cats whose mothers never had a chance to teach their youngsters? These are issues that I desperately need advice about, Quasi!

Order your copy of this great book today. You may still be able to get an autographed book plate from Quasi at his blog The World Is Your Litter Box. And the end-of-book quiz? I scored 100%!

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  1. I am saving up for my very own copy! Quasi is a great cat, so I know the book must be great, too.

  2. Wow, a cat who has written a book. How does he keep his cats off all those things when he's not home??? The forbidden places here are just the bench and the table...and my two ratbags know, but I also know that when I'm out, Bella, especially, will be up there.

    Sounds very interesting, Andree.

  3. I didn't Quasi's copy yet. I've had a sort of self-imposed blogging break, plus some pulled muscles in back and a frozen shoulder. I've a lot to catch up on. I liked your parade. And the veggie garden.

    I also came to tag you for a meme. I think if it weren't for the memes sometimes, I'd never get around at all, lately.

    I'm doing better most of the time and trying to get through the mess I made of my body by lifting and doing stuff I shouldnt have--but my flowers look nice, so it was worth it.

    Your summer looks beautiful, so far.

  4. Hi Andree,
    Thanks so much for your wonderful review of my book. I'm taking the liberty of having it added to the "Reviews" page of my website. And, hey, Steve isn't so strict... and besides, I break all those rules anyway!

    Your Friend,

  5. Looks like a fun read, will check it out for sure.


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