Monday, July 21, 2008

Cats Tuesday: Buddy and His Nip

Wingnut took this video of Buddy playing in the nip.
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  1. That was a total nip-extravaganza!

  2. Wow! Now we know what to get him for Christmas - a garden full of nip plants!

  3. Andree, haven't you given Buddy the talk on drugs! Heheh! He certainly looked as if he was enjoying that.

    I was amused in the beginning of the video to see a black head popping in and out of the cat door trying to get in, only Buddy wasn't moving for anyone!

    I could also hear a bird outside, it sounded like a finch of some sort.

    Most enjoyable.

  4. Buddy and Smokey might not co-exist closely because Smoke is totally indifferent to catnip, cat toys, and everything except windows that are open and doors left cracked for adventures. He has had visitors, but hides from all of them, and with only one exception...a guitar player friend of mine named Charlie (no relation to your Charlie, I'm thinking) who raises parrots and such and has fifteen of them. Smokey wanted Charlie to give him a belly rub. I wonder if the bird smell had anything to do with THAT?

    PS I want to "talk" with you sometime...send me a mail????


  5. LOL! What a riot--love watching kitties play and nip!

    I miss my kitties! :-( WAHN!


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