Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Orleans County Quests: Glover Runaway Pond Quest

On Sunday, Matt, Wingnut and I did the Glover Runaway Pond Quest.

In Commemoration of the breaking away of Long Pond
June 6, 1810. Erected by the Town of Glover
June 6, 1910.

Long Pond/Runaway Pond/Dry Pond

In 1810 the water level of Long Pond was 70 feet above this marker and the water flowed south into Greensboro and the Lamoille River.

Needing more water to power Aaron Willson's grist mill in Glover, 60 men and boys dug a ditch on the north shore (about 0.5 miles north of here) to cause the water to flow into the Glover/Barton River.

Due to the Quicksand in the earth, the entire hillside washed away and the pond "ran-a-way" discharging its billion gallons of water toward the mill in 1.5 hours.

Spencer Chamberlain raced ahead of the wall of water for 5 miles and saved the miller's wife.

Glover Historical Society 1996

An old millstone.

Runaway Pond today

The Old Road to the Clearing where the men and boys
tried to divert water to the Barton River.
The quicksand, where Matt got stuck, is up there.

A memorial in the Clearing

Old woods road in the Clearing.
Woods roads were made out of wood, as can be seen here.

Clark's Pond

If you look closely you can see an old stump in the pond. This is the last remaining stump of 12 stumps. The twelve trees that were here in 1810 were snapped off by the rushing waters of Long Pond.

Westlook Cemetery, Glover

Spencer Chamberlain's grave

Matt and Wingnut found the treasure box!

To view all the photos for this quest, visit my Runaway Pond Quest Set at Flickr.

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