Saturday, July 12, 2008

Photo Booth Fun

Wingnut discovered that you can make movies with Photo Booth and made three. I stitched them together in Quicktime, added titles and music in iMovie and published it to YouTube. I just can't figure out how to fade the sound on the last frame in iMovie. The audio fade doesn't work. I may have to re-install iMovie. Yuck.

Below are 60-some still Photo Booth photos that Wingnut took on the Fourth of July. I added a song that he plays in the car several times a day!

And here are photos of me and of me and Sue,
who was here on the Fourth.

I inadvertently took a photo while setting up the software for Sue to use. Then we inadvertently took a photo of both of us while I was explaining it. We're glad we did now. We don't have any other photos of us together.


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