Saturday, July 05, 2008

The School Garden: Week 2: What We Learned

Wednesday, July 2: First we have to do the weeding. Here, Wingnut is hilling the beans.

We learned about the activity in the compost pile and what compost is for.

Earthworms are now living in the compost. They help to break down the things in the compost and create new earth.

Above you see the new dirt that has been created.

We had to break off the garlic scapes so that the garlic bulbs can grow large. We took home two scapes to cook. You can use them just as you would use garlic.

We spread hay around the melons and squashes so that weeds would not grow and moisture would stay in the ground.

We read Tops and Bottoms to learn about plants in the garden. Then we completed a worksheet.

Somebody was saving the red clover blossoms that were pulled out as "weeds."

These are the beans that Wingnut planted last week.

And of course, every gardener updates his garden journal at the end of the chores.



  1. Great shots of the school garden and of Wingnut. He looks like a very serious gardener.

  2. You know, between the community garden and the very cool holiday parade (especially the sourdough philosophers) - you really have a great little town up there!

  3. Love the journal. Does he show you what he writes? Does he do sketches in there, too?

  4. i'm so happy to "see" Wingnut again this summer! :)


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