Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Spittle Bugs by Wingnut

Wingnut learned about spittle bugs at the bug program at the library. I had seen the spittle on plants in the fields a million times but never knew there were nymphs of a bug inside! So this was an adventure for both of us. On Saturday evening, Wingnut and I went into one of my fields and found many spittle bug houses. I picked one, we brought it into the house and away from the mosquitoes, and photographed it in the spittle and out of the spittle.

Spittle bugs are not harmful. They are too small to damage plants. But if they truly bother you, hose them down. They build these little houses of spittle to protect them of predators. Any creature this clever deserves to remain in its little spit house and grow.

Oh and Wingnut found a new and tiny aphid farm.
The rhubarb aphid farm no longer exists.

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