Friday, July 25, 2008

What a Night!

This HDR photograph of storm clouds over the Duquette Barn was taken last week. Last night we had a huge and dangerous storm at midnight. I was the only one left up. It suddenly sounded as if several trains were coming down the mountain in the back. The wind was ferocious. The lightning and thunder were nearly nonstop. I trotted to the computer and disconnected it from the wall, returned to the kitchen and suddenly lightning struck the well! The noise was so loud that all of the people and dogs woke up.

This morning we woke to muddy water in the taps. The well guys told me to run a hose from the pressure tank and let it run for a few hours. Instead I ran it from the faucet outside to the brook (so as not to overload the leach field). The water is almost clear now.

Also, we discovered that our big TV was blown out and won't work. We were lucky. A church and two barns (including the barn with the effigy) have burned down lately from lightning strikes. Let us hope that the weather next week is calmer.


  1. Goodness me, Andree, that sounds like Australia! Good no one was hurt or killed. Yuk, muddy water. Not nice. Glad you were able to sort that one out.

  2. That is an amazing photo, Andree. I hope that water situation gets sorted out quickly for you. God bless.

  3. That sounds really scary. Glad no one has been hurt.
    A lot of the major fires that we had here in June and July were started by lightening as well.

  4. That photo is gorgeous! I am sorry you had some storm damage. It sounds really scary!

  5. Wow, would you look at that sky!? What an amazing photo. So glad that you were safe.

  6. Fabulous shot! What a frightening experience! Glad it wasn't worse for you!!

  7. I have had some trouble leaving a comment.
    But I have dial up and that can sometime be a problem.

    Sure looks like some storm back in Vermont.

  8. Although it is deepest winter here in Adelaide, we rarely get such dramatic storms or anything close here. I miss more dramatic weather. I have vivid memories of some of the big summer storms in the US.


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