Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wingnut: Brownington Prospect Hill Observatory Quest

Brownington Congregational Church

We did this quest on Wednesday, July 16 — a very short quest, appropriate for our schedule that day. I've been to Prospect Hill many times and always am astounded at the views. Wingnut didn't take any photographs of the mountains and lakes. But these photos give you a feeling for the area of the quest.

Old church bell.

The sign on the road to the observatory.

Hayfield sign.

Common milkweek

The observatory.

The original observatory was built in 1890 by William Barstow Strong. The present day observatory is a replica of the original and was built in 1976 as a Town Bicentennial project. Strong had attended the Orleans County Grammar School and gone on to become a prominent railroad builder. He also paid for extensive remodeling of the Brownington Congregational Church's interior and furnished a large bell and spire for the belfry.

Amelia and one-half of Scout

The treasure box!

The stamp for our quest book

A gentleman from Massachusetts was able to reach the treasure box in the rafters for us and he took this photo of me and Wingnut.

Red berries.

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  1. I took berry pictures yesterday. Gold and red. And a raspberry with a mix of color. I think you guys inspired me. Anyhow, I'll post them on Flickr next week.

  2. I love the picture of you and Wingnut--and all the others too!

    Cool quest.

    I'm just back from the Porcupine Mountains wilderness area, just got in, gotta unpack, do laundry, catch up.

  3. This is actually the third observatory on this site. The 1976 replica was in poor repair by the turn of the century and was replaced at about this time with a second replica. I remember the second one being closed to the public for several years when it was no longer safe.
    -William B's Great-Great-Great Grandson

  4. Thank you, Anon, for that great comment! I'm so pleased that you dropped in and added this information. I hope to run into you some day!


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