Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wingnut Chases the Train

For five years, Wingnut and I have been trying to take good photos of the daily train in Barton. We came close on Monday, July 14. We were in Orleans ordering a pie when the train came down from Barton. We stopped here to catch a photo and then went into the Ethan Allen parking lot for more.

The train hauls a lot of frieght for Ethan Allen and was disconnecting and reconnecting cars for over an hour here.


A view of the Ethan Allen factory from the west.

We thought the train would be coming out on the east end of the factory, but it didn't. Here, Wingnut is walking towards the train to see what's going on.

Still no train!

Wingnut and Ethan Allen

Silos at Ethan Allen

The quest for good train photos will continue!

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  1. Those covered hopper cars in your photos carry the barley malt for most of all of Vermont's locally made beer (so thank the train next time you enjoy . . . )

  2. Okay, here's where things get freaky - hubby works at Ethan Allen, and has for 15 years. I grew up in Orleans. I've never had a great pic of the train - good point! It sometimes passes on main street, but I don't think it does it on a daily basis?

    Hubby now says that the train goes by every day between 8 and 9 am, if that helps!


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