Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wingnut's Barton Tour

July 6: the temperature in the shade was like 121°F (50°C) yet Wingnut took the wagon tour of Barton to see how the village has changed over the last century and a half. I stayed at the Crystal Lake Falls Historical Association Barton Museum of Education and Manufacturing. I chatted with Dottie, had lemonade, and took some photos in the museum (with permission).

Cherry Tree Hill Yarn's horses pulled the wagon. They took about 12 people. You can see Wingnut below in the wagon. See the lady next to him with the Boston Red Sox cap? She is 94 years old and although she was not in charge of the tour, she essentially provided all the narration because of her superb memory.

I will be writing two more posts on the Barton granite quarries on Barton mountain based on information I found at the museum. I do not include the information here because it is a long post.

The museum is in the Pierce House, which I photographed in the winter as part of my historic buildings assigment. The museum is always collecting pieces, so if you know of any Barton artifacts, please consider contributing.

A machine from the 1800s used to make baseball bats.
This business was an important part of Barton manufacturing.

Cash register and fireproof record keeper used in the blacksmith shop of Thomas Redington from 1910 through 1938. From then on it was used in his service station until his retirement in 1964 at the age of 82.

An intact 1915 calendar.

A rocking butter churn.

Wingnut survived the heat! He was not scared of falling out of the wagon (which I tend to fear on sleigh rides), and the heat did not bother him. But he has little memory of the historical narration. What 12 year old boy would?

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