Thursday, August 21, 2008

Harness Racing at the Barton Fair

I posted only these four photos of the horses because you can see that all four feet are off of the ground at the same time! Cool!

All photos will open, full-size, in a new window when you click on them.

These are going to be the latarget="new"st of the photos that I blog about the Barton Fair. I have sorted through all of the ones I took and posted over 350 fair photos at my Orleans County Fair Flickr Set. On Friday night I am going to the Caledonia County Fair — the oldest fair in Vermont — with my sister (she lives in Caledonia County).

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  1. Floating horses! That's very cool. Their legs move so fast it's hard to see.

  2. I love harness racing...we call it the trots here. It's so colourful under the floodlights at night with the horses' head dresses and harnesses jingling and shining under the lights.

    A great evening's entertainment.

  3. I didn't realize this was even possible, Andree! Thanks for these pictures.

  4. Horses are such beautiful animals ~ these are all excellent photos ~ enjoy the fair :)


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