Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Honorable Timothy Hinman

seen on Rt 5 near Derby Pond Veterinary Clinic


— 1762 - 1850 —

A captain in the American Revolution. Born in Southbury, Conn. and came to Vermont in 1790. On this lot overlooking Hinman Pond he built the first house in town in 1794. A log house, rough but solid, thatched with hemlock bark over plank floors. Timothy became a road builder, storekeeper, civic leader, legislator and county court judge. Here he established and led the first church services in Derby.

A true pioneer; an inspiration to his family and community.

Derby Historical Society

from The Vermont Historical Society Community History Project:
Timothy Hinman was the man who built the Hinman Settler Road in the late 1700's. His road played a big part in the colonization of much of northern Vermont. It was also used in the Civil War by traders bringing supplies to men fighting in the war. Other than building the road, Hinman was a teacher, farmer, and a shop keeper. He had a wife and eleven children. He really was a great man.
  • Timothy Hinman was the first permanent settler in Derby.
  • Timothy was born in Woodbury, Connecticut. Woodbury is currently named Southbury.
  • His parents were so religious they baptized him the day he was born.
  • Timothy's ancestor, Edward Hinman, guarded King Charles 1 of England.
  • Timothy married his wife Phebe Stoddard on December 10, 1786.
  • Timothy's wife Phebe died in 1858, eight years after her husband did.
Click the Historical Society link above for more information on the Hinman Settler Road.

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