Friday, August 29, 2008

Photo Hunters: Another Beautiful Barn

When I take the dogs for a walk we go by my neighbor's beautiful barn. It's been over 100 posts since I participated in the Photo Hunt. Now that school has started again, I have to take the time to post and comment regularly.

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  1. That's a beautiful barn ! I have never seen a red one !
    It's such a long time I haven't heard from you and you also didn't participate in COT is there something wrong ? Or have you been sick ?

  2. That's a beautiful barn. I enjoy your beautiful shots so much. Although I haven't been commenting lately, I've loved seeing your beautiful grandson in shots while he was visiting and the landscapes and birds you share. The problem with bloglines is I often read there and don't remember to comment but I wanted you to know that I continue to enjoy your blog.

  3. That's a wonderful view, Andree!

  4. Cool red barn. It's beautiful. We don't have much country side over here to have one that big.

    Don't worry about not visiting at all. Each of us have our urgent chores to handle daily.. unless we are part of a computer.. LOL!

    Have a great weekend andree! :)

  5. Welcome back to The Hunt! This is a great choice for our beautiful theme!

  6. I love those beautiful red barns you have in the US. And you take wonderful photos, Andree.


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