Monday, August 11, 2008

Wheelock, Vermont

This is the Wheelock, Vermont town hall. My sister had her wedding here on February 10, 2001. I lived in Connecticut then and I couldn't get here because the weather was so awful all over New England that I had to turn back in Massachusetts. I told her to never get married in February again!

Last week I drove by this town hall twice a day on my way back and forth to the class "Teaching Mathematics to ADD/ADHD/LD Students." It was three intense eight hour days. I learned a lot and got a lot or resources for this coming school year.

Here is some more information about the founding of Wheelock:

The Dartmouth College Land Grant

When Eleazar Wheelock founded Dartmouth in 1769, he sought land grants to support the new college.

In 1785 the Vermont legislature chartered and named a town of 23,000 acres for Wheelock.

In the early 1800s substantial support for financially impoverished Dartmouth came from this one grant, a gift of Vermont.

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