Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blog Your Blessings: Extrinsic Motivators

The weather has been beautiful this weekend and I have been stuck inside studying (and moaning about it) — although I did get outside for some great photos yesterday morning; this photo is Sentinel Rock, a glacial erratic in Westmore. I took a class this summer (Teaching Mathematics to ADD/ADHD/LD Students, paid by my contract) and am now taking two six week workshops (Tools for Building Math Concepts and Algebraic Reasoning at the Math Forum, both paid for by the National Science Foundation). Instead of doing my homework during the rainy season in August, I am forced to do it now. I love doing the assignments — so why didn't I? 

This year we are required to write professional goals for ourselves at school. I am going to read Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics by Liping Ma and Fostering Algebraic Thinking by Mark Driscoll. I've had these books for ages and have not read them. Books such as these energize and enrich my teaching and I find them fascinating. So why didn't I read them? 

My final blessing is my camera — an intrinsic motivator. Over the years, the camera has become a comforting companion for me. Behind the view finder I find focus and purpose beyond my professional life. This week I was finally published in Humanities (September/October 2008, page 19) — the magazine of the National Endowment for the Humanities.  The photo is of the round barn at the Shelburne Museum that I took on a school field trip a year and a half ago. The photo is not in the online edition of the magazine, but the print edition has my name on it. I think I want to subscribe to this beautiful magazine out of thanks, but it costs $24 a year. I want to thank Maria Biernik at NEH for finding and using the photo.

My motivators — extrinsic and intrinsic — enrich my life.

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  1. How interesting sure glad you like math and when you like your subject (lack of a better word) it must be fun to teach/work.

    Anyhow on cow picture do they have a dairy in that area?

    Sunday I did some blog hopping and I start with your blog.

    Coffee is on.


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