Monday, September 22, 2008

Cats Tuesday: George Loves Matt Best

Amelia's friend Matt moved in with us this summer. George moved in with us in May. George loved me so much . . . . until Matt came. Now I am second best, but only when Matt isn't around. As soon as he comes home, George runs to him, naps with him, kisses and head butts him. He even allowed Matt to hold him like you see here. You can see how George has gained weight. In fact, he's gaining a tummy now! He is extraordinarily clean and his fur is lush.

George has a few idiosyncrasies: he eats his kills; he will use a litter box but only in emergencies — he prefers to dig holes all over the front yard. He will go out in the rain and doesn't mind being soaked to his skin (although he has begun to show signs of sleeping through bad weather days lately!). He comes when he is called and when he wants in, he jumps on the railing outside and looks in the window. Every morning George goes out and sprays the brush on the perimeter of the house yards. He never sprays in the house. Buddy then goes outside and sprays where George sprays! Like Buddy, George loves to take walks in the woods with his people. His purr is a deep, mancatly rolling purr. And Mouse? Our scary, high-handed, dictatorial matriarch? She has almost accepted him!

George has become the perfect cat and we are glad he dropped in.

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  1. Cat companionship, that's why I have
    a multi cat household. Although it
    is said cats are solitary animals,
    I think they need friends. I am glad
    they are getting along well!

  2. He has become a beautiful cat ! Almost a ginger Tiger !! He is very big. Arthur does the same, only he doesn't eat what he catches, that he prefers to bring home and show it to me, lol ! The funny thing is that Lisa imitates him and sprays the bushes after him and she is a girl, lol !

  3. Oh wow.. that's such a great shot! I wish to own big cats like that!

  4. He is a big cat. He remind me to our (moved) neighboring cat Anton.
    Love the photo.....what a great friendship!

  5. Isn't he a big Tiger kitty! Au stands on my husband's hands in exactly the same way. And like George he has that floppy tiger tum. Hmmmm, diet time?

  6. Wow, he really is a big kitty! And I think it's nice to have more than one cat around and it's terrific that George is such a considerate house guest!

  7. He's a gorgeous cat - and very trusting of Matt:) xxx

  8. I see George loves Matt.
    I even bet George could walk a tight rope.

    Coffee is on.


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