Friday, September 19, 2008

Photo Hunters: Barton Granite Railroad Overpass Supports

At Harrison Avenue next to the Bank Block

The supports for the railroad overpasses in the village were made from granite from the Barton granite quarries (approximately 1888 - 1930).

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  1. This is beautiful Andree. But it looked kind of low from my view here :P

  2. interesting.. never seen something like this before - a railroad overpass and it's made of granite. really interesting.

  3. That looks very special, I think I have never seen such an overpass !

  4. How interesting.
    Do you have a lot of granite there?
    Our main stone is granite here.

    Coffee is on and my picture is up.

  5. I love that shot. Looks like an interesting place.

  6. This is a nice photo for our theme. Very interesting.

  7. That's an unusual shot, Andree. Is it a very steep slope down to under the bridge?

    Thanks so much for coming to visit the other day. It's so good to see you back, but I know you've been busy with the cute and charming Wingnut over the vacation period.


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