Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My daughter Anna always e-mails me "sup?" when she hasn't heard from me for awhile. And for the past two weeks nobody has heard much from me. Since October 4 I have been sick. I had a bad cold and got better. Then I suddenly got worse — I developed a sinus infection, double ear infections and bronchitis. There was a doctor visit, antibiotics and more days in bed. I slept, read two books and watched way too much MSNBC presidential campaign and stock market coverage. By Saturday I felt good enough to make bread and do some cooking. But I slashed my finger and was breaking dishes. Cleaning up the blood and mess was exhausting.

Now I am up and doing fine. It's tough getting caught up at school. We had only two days of school this week and an inservice day today. We have two more days off for teacher's convention. But me? I go to New Haven to visit Anna. There will be loads of photos and a visit to Pacifico Restaurant downtown.

I was going to go by train but they have raised the fare. With dropping gas prices it is now more convenient for me to drive. Especially since I would have to take a bus from Hartford to New Haven because of work that Amtrak is doing on the railroad track.

We had our first snowfall last night and half of today. It was a pretty enough snowfall and the roads stayed clear (although I did hear that Sheffield Heights was becoming difficult to travel). I met two other teachers for breakfast at the Candlepin Restaurant in the cold, dark and snow (you can see my new car alone in the parking lot in the photo). We went to the high school for our professional development day. Below you see totems on the school campus.

I stopped by the village electric company and found out that Illuzi did not slash and burn the trees and brush around the Unicel tower. It was the electric company clearing trees off of the power lines. I weakly complained about the gash made in the ridgeline (see the top photo as it snowed). My apologies to Mr. Illuzi for accusing him of doing the bad deed.

I will do my best to post from New Haven!


  1. OMG, sorry for you that you were so sick !! With all these antibiotics you must feel still feel quite tired then it's good that you take some holidays.
    I was wondering why you didn't participate in COT anymore but now I understand of course !
    We have quite some warm weather here, it's all mixed up, in summer it was cold, now it's warm for the season !

  2. I do hope you're on the mend now, Andree. You poor thing, that sounds really awful and painful.

    How pretty your snowfall picture is. I think it snowed down in New South Wales the other night...the wind turned southerly and the temperature dropped so quickly I had to dig out some winter clothes and my ugg boots.

    Now it's back to the normal 26-28 degrees C. Crazy weather...


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