Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Number Game by Will Shortz

The computer lady gave me this puzzle today and I can't do a thing until I solve all of the equations. This is the text that accompanied the puzzle:
This test gauges your mental flexibility. Few have been found who could solve more than half of the questions on the first try. The puzzle originally consisted of 24 "equations" by Will Shortz, printed in the May-June 1981 issue of Games Magazine [to which I subscribe!], with an acknowledgement to Morgan Worthy.

Instructions: Each equation contains the initials of words that will make it correct. furnnish the missing words. (example: 60 = M in an H. Answer: 60 = Minutes in an Hour.) Good luck!

1 = W on an U
2 = Number it T to T
3 = B M (S H T R)
4 = Q in a G
4 = Q in a G (Note: this Q in a
G is a different answer than
the previous one.)
5 = D in a Z C
6 = L on an I
7 = W of the A W
8 = S on a S S
9 = P in the S S
9 = L a C has
10 = D in a T N with the A C
11 = P on a F T
12 = K of the R T
13 = S on the A F
18 = H in a G C
20 = F and T
21 = D on a D
26 = L of the A
29 = D in F in a L Y
32 = D F at which W F
40 = D and N of the G F
52 = W in a Y
52 = C in a D
54 = C in a D (with the J)
57 = H V
64 = S on a C
80 = D to G A the W
88 = P K
90 = D in a R A
99 = B of B O the W
200 = D for P G in M
1000 = W that a P is W
1001 = A N
2001 = a S O
20,000 = L U the S

I have solved some of these and I have found a spoiler (which I am not using!). My solutions and the spoiler URL are in the comments. Add your own solutions!

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  1. Hey there: the spoiler is at

    The ones I have solved today:

    20=Fingers and Toes
    29=Days in February in a Leap Year
    40=Days and Nights of the Great Flood
    52=Days in a Year
    99=Bottles of Beer On the Wall
    1001=Arabian Nights
    20,000=Leagues Under the Sea

    Have any more solutions?

  2. I love this guy on pbs radio on Sunday.

    Coffee is on.

  3. I could solve some:
    4 = quarts in a gallon
    4 = quarters in a game
    6 = legs on an insect
    7 = wonders of the ancient world
    9 = lives a cat has
    11 = players on a football team
    12 = Knights of the Round Table
    18 = holes in a golf course
    26 = letters of the alphabet
    32 = degrees Fahrenheit at which water freezes
    52 = cards in a deck
    54 = cards in a deck with the Joker
    57 = Heinz varieties
    64 = squares on a chessboard
    80 = days to go around the world
    90 = degrees in a right angle

    Still at a loss for the others.

  4. How about creating a few new ones?
    Such as 1 = P in a P T
    7 = S a S
    12 = L a L

    ...........any guesses????

    (Hi, A. I haven't forgotten all I owe you, literally and figuratively. I haven't been able to be around... but things may be improving....FINALLY.....)


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