Friday, January 02, 2009

Unknown Houseplant

Amelia rescued this unknown houseplant. It is merrily blooming away! Today I saw the little planter stick in the pot but failed to copy the name of the plant. I will update soon!



  1. Isn't it lovely? I hope you find out what it is, I'm curious.

  2. Hey: how are you..??!?

    I dropped in via Puss-in-Boots's blog from Down Under.

    Remember me? I've not been by in quite a long while, life having drifted far too far in the way...

    No idea what that plant may be, though it does look a little porcelainish and orchid-like to me, know what I mean..?

    I hoep you're having a great 2009!
    All the very best now


    from Gledwood
    "vol 2"...


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