Thursday, January 08, 2009

Who Ate The Shrew?

Amelia chased Matt and me out onto the porch with this grisly chewed up shrew corpse.
Who killed this silly shrew that came out from under the refrigerator?

Not Mousie — she was helping Amy knit warm winter socks.

I guess it wasn't Buddy, either.

And it wasn't Bad Boy Charlie.
Aren't these boys embarrassed by their winter weight?
They don't even go outside anymore.
The killer is revealed below.

Miss Sophie! She is the quickest and best mouser around.
I took this photo after Amy took the dead shrew from her.
She was sad about losing her kill.

Sophie has caught three shrews so far — one in the house and two out in the snow drifts (remember — shrews tunnel through the snow for safety from predators. But Sophie sniffs them out. See the previous post.) The cats have only caught two shrews in the basement. The Bad Boys didn't catch those. I know that because they never go into the basement. They sleep upstairs. They wake only to stumble to food and stumble back to bed.

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  1. If we lived close to you, I'd have said it was Bella. She's a great hunter, that's why she's an indoor cat...we have too much wildlife around here and we want to keep it that way.


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